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8 reasons to read Bridget Jones’s Diary in English

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Bridget Jones´s Diary, by Helen Fielding, is a great comedy novel about a British single woman in her thirties and all the problems she faces. The international bestseller marked 25 years in 2021! And we still love it!!!!

To quote Elizabeth Gleick from The New York Times:

“O.K., James Joyce it may not be, but show me the woman to whom this sort of stream-of-consciousness, self-assessing mental clutter* is unfamiliar and I’ll show you the person who will not think ”Bridget Jones’s Diary” is both completely hilarious and spot on*.”

Elizabeth Gleick


mental clutter * (expression)  anything that keeps you from thinking straight. (Clutter means mess)

spot on * (expression) completely accurate or correct

sink your teeth into * (expression) to become completely involved in something

Without a doubt it’s a good read – it’s sold over two million copies worldwide. However, what makes it a good book to read if you are reading it as a learner of English? Well if you have an advanced or proficient level of English, Bridget Jones’s Diary could be the perfect book to sink your teeth into*.

Let’s find out why!

1. You already know the story

It’s very likely that if you haven’t already read the book in your own language, you have at least seen the film. 

Therefore, you can relax! Since you know the story, you are free to concentrate on the language: the English is challenging and interesting without being over-the-top difficult.

2. The diary narrative

The diary narrative form makes the story easy to follow because of its linear nature and simple style. 

The personal diary style also makes it an intimate experience, so you feel like Bridget is your friend and is confiding in you!

3. You can relate to her

Who hasn’t been pressured by their mum to stop being single?!  

What woman (or man?!) hasn’t drowned her (or his) sorrows on a Saturday night and sang alone to a ballad? Enough said!

*to drown your sorrows = idiom: if you say that someone is drowning their sorrows, you mean that they are drinking alcohol in order to forget something sad or upsetting that has happened to them.

Reason number 4 to read Bridget Jones’s Diary in English: the English is awesome!

You’ll come across some fabulous vocabulary and British English expressions while you read!

read Bridget Jones's diary in English

5. You’ll also learn some invented vocabulary

One of the pleasures of reading Bridget is the vocabulary Fielding invented which has now been embedded into the English language! Words like ‘singleton‘ and ‘smug-marrieds‘. You read them here first!

6. We need some light relief in this period

The pandemic, war, conflicts, rising energy costs, climate disasters, political instability …

It’s quite easy to feel depressed and overwhelmed in this moment. Perhaps something light-hearted, fun, clever and amusing can give us a bit of a break?

Grab your copy of Bridget!

7. It’s inspired by Austen and started a movement!

The plot is loosely based on Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, so it can’t be bad!

Furthermore, critics assert that Fielding’s book arguably began the popular fiction movement known as chick lit.

This book is cool!

8. The ultimate reason to read Bridget Jones’s Diary in English? It’s funny!

Last, but not least, the 8th reason Bridget Jones’s Diary is a great book to read in English: it’s FUNNY. Laugh out loud funny!

What did the critics say?

“Screamingly funny.”

—USA Today

“Bridget Jones is channeling something so universal and (horrifyingly) familiar that readers will giggle and sigh with collective delight.”


“Hilarious but poignant.”

—The Washington Post

“Bridget’s voice is dead-on . . . will cause readers to drop the book, grope frantically for the phone, and read it out loud to their best girlfriends.”

—The Philadelphia Inquirer

I think we can all do with a laugh at the moment! 

So there you have it! 8 reasons why Bridget Jones’s Diary is the perfect book to read in English. 

Have we convinced you?! 

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