Sketchnotes to learn English

Sketchnotes to learn English

Are you a visual learner? Check out English Digital Academy’s sketchnotes to learn English!

sketchnote fashion

Sketchnotes to learn English: how to talk about fashion. Go to lesson: How to talk about fashion in advanced English

Second conditional review advanced grammar

Sketchnotes to learn English: second conditional. Go to post: Second conditional review for advanced learners

dos and donts when you dont understand

Sketchnotes to learn English: when you don’t understand English. Go to post: What NOT To Do When You Don’t Understand English Speakers

Advanced travel vocabulary Sketchnote

Sketchnotes to learn English: advanced travel vocabulary. Go to lesson: Boost your English with advanced travel vocabulary

Sketchnote_How to BE ASSERTIVE in English

Sketchnotes to learn English: how to be assertive. Go to post: How to be assertive in English

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